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Business Built Freedom

Joshua is a late 80’s vintage and yet to mature. He is a living case study that you don’t stop at failure and more failures lead to success. The constant learning and listening have led Joshua to the position He is with the energizing approach towards business and relationships. After setting up 4 successful companies over 19 years he decided it was time to give some of his knowledge back. You are likely to catch him on the water on a sunny day with his family and friends or building something new and exciting at home on a rainy one.

Feb 19, 2019

Who remembers the days of the filing cabinet? You know that thing sitting in the corner and every so often you'd open it up and clean through it and you'd go wow, okay, there's a lot of stuff in here. You clean through it and you got it all thrown out, you got all the stuff that you needed from the last seven years for the tax man, you digitised it all, and you chucked it on the computer, but that could be just as big of a problem as what you did in your filing cabinet. Today we're going to be talking about digital clutter and making sure you're not a digital hoarder. There are so many files you can comfortably just have on your computer that you'd normally have to have cases for. Just because it's inside your computer doesn't mean that it's not taxing on your mental health as well as on your computer's system performance and your physical performance to find the files and where you've put them.

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