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Business Built Freedom

Joshua is a late 80’s vintage and yet to mature. He is a living case study that you don’t stop at failure and more failures lead to success. The constant learning and listening have led Joshua to the position He is with the energizing approach towards business and relationships. After setting up 4 successful companies over 19 years he decided it was time to give some of his knowledge back. You are likely to catch him on the water on a sunny day with his family and friends or building something new and exciting at home on a rainy one.

Nov 23, 2023

One of the solutions to helping grow your business could be looking towards a strategic partnership for growth. This week, Josh is joined by David Martin from AI Group, who is an expert on all things to do with strategic partnerships.

David has been part of Australia’s Innovation Ecosystem for over fifteen years and...

Sep 12, 2023

When it comes to running a more efficient business, there are some things you can be doing in-house that can significantly improve your operations. Josh spoke to Greg Gunther from Your Business Momentum about one of the best days to do so - systematising your business.

Greg has over 30 years experience in business as...

Aug 22, 2023

Have you delved into the world of Facebook ads? Dahna Borg from Bright Red Marketing joined Josh to share some valuable insights on maximise the potential of Facebook advertising

Danha specialises in Facebook and Instagram advertising, graphics and video production for Facebook and Instagram ads, influencer sourcing...

Aug 8, 2023

In this weeks episode of Business Built Freedom, Josh is joined by expert share trader Louise Bedford from The Trading Game to discuss everything that has to do with share trading in Australia.

Louise is a best-selling author of five sharemarket books, as well as being a behavioural finance expert and the host of her...

Jul 25, 2023

On this week's episode of Business Built Freedom, Josh is joined by joined by Sean Kelly to discuss some ways to get more out of your business.  

Sean is the Founder of embrace and Director at moreton blue software where he delivers software solutions using frameworks and components to reduce the time and cost...