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Business Built Freedom

Joshua is a late 80’s vintage and yet to mature. He is a living case study that you don’t stop at failure and more failures lead to success. The constant learning and listening have led Joshua to the position He is with the energizing approach towards business and relationships. After setting up 4 successful companies over 19 years he decided it was time to give some of his knowledge back. You are likely to catch him on the water on a sunny day with his family and friends or building something new and exciting at home on a rainy one.

Apr 6, 2021

Finding Your Passion

What is passion? It sounds like such an easy question to answer, but you really don't know. Now, today we're going to be talking about exactly that.

I'm sure we've all felt that feeling when we want to go to work. We absolutely love it. The day just glides by, but then other times you get to work and it just feels like you're in the trenches and nothing happens. You think, what am I doing here?

Then when you go home and you work on that passion project and you find the time just flies by. How much does that piss you off? You want to spend some time on what you love but the time goes from six until 12:00 at night. All of a sudden, you're in bed and back at work the next day.

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Consider the “Why”

This is important to think about because most people don't consider why they go to work and what is passion.  What is passion, and what is passion to you? Because sometimes you might find time gliding by, while other times it feels like it's standing still. It's important to understand what's passionate to you because at the end of the day, you want to be doing that when you go to work.

You might be in the position right now where you've been running a business for 10, 15, 20, 40 years. Who knows? Or, you’ve just been working for the man for 10, 15, 20, 40 years. It doesn't matter. What's important is you have had this emotion. We've all had this emotion, and we all need to work out why did we feel that way when we're doing that thing? Why do we love doing a certain thing and not another thing?

Because too many people are working in a dead end job or a bosses of a company that they don't really care to be bosses of. They are just looking at a way to escape, we all need to work out a way that we can be passionate about the reason we come to work.

Help People That Help You

I'll tell you what you can do. If you're running a company and you find out that you're really, really passionate about helping people, or change the reason that you're running the company to be more about helping people.

Bill Gates ran a software company for many years while he was running that he was helping people, but not necessarily in the same way as helping people now. The major thing that changed was he understood that he wasn't helping people through technology. That was just one way that he was helping people. He was helping people in many, many different ways. And he decided to step back and understand exactly what he was doing and what drove him.

That’s what moved him away from technology, a very competitive area into what he's doing now around making sure that people are staying safe.

I have a similar, more Queensland based story. When I started my company, I really loved solving problems for people with computers. I loved technology and loves everything around it. What I've realised is I love finding out about new ways to fix a situation that people weren't aware of. So I don't necessarily care about I's and O's and ones and zeros and bits and etc, etc.

I care more about helping businesses succeed through introducing them to new technologies that they may not have otherwise understood or even knew were available. Let that sink in.

I started fixing people's computers when I was about 11 years old or something like that, and I had my first computer from when I was four. All that changed over the years that I've been doing things wasn't just fixing people's computers. It was always about helping people and helping people achieve more with less, because I'm introducing them to new things.

You need to think about what is your why? Why do you exist? Why are you in business? Why are you in your current job? And let's bring it back to the start there. What are you passionate about and where do you find that time just flies and you enjoy doing what you're doing now?