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Business Built Freedom

Joshua is a late 80’s vintage and yet to mature. He is a living case study that you don’t stop at failure and more failures lead to success. The constant learning and listening have led Joshua to the position He is with the energizing approach towards business and relationships. After setting up 4 successful companies over 19 years he decided it was time to give some of his knowledge back. You are likely to catch him on the water on a sunny day with his family and friends or building something new and exciting at home on a rainy one.

Dec 31, 2018

Starting a business can be hard work. If you're a small business owner or start a business, most of the time you have some sort of drive behind what was the inspiration. Some people get financial backing and some people don't and start from scratch and back themselves. I was lucky enough to be in a professional job where I was able to save enough of a safety net to start the business as a side hustle, while I was still employed by my regular employer. I worked day and night very, very long hours, to make sure that I was able to keep both afloat and both running, without sacrificing the integrity or quality of either. It was a very difficult time. I did that for three years before I'd saved up enough money and had enough of a reoccurring income to be able to justify jumping out and going out on my own.

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